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1800 Washington Boulevard


Suite 625

Baltimore, Maryland 21230-1719



800-633-6101 x3493

Waste Management Administration


Environmental Restoration & Redevelopment Program

ERRP Site Factsheet Page 1 of 2

Date: April 6, 2005

TTY Users: 800-201-7165


1831 Shookstown Road

Frederick, Frederick County, Maryland

Site Location

This 90.16-acre property is located in a residential district of Frederick, Maryland. Farmland

and residences border the property to the west, east and south. Fort Detrick lies along the

northern boundary of the property.

Currently, the property is improved with an abandoned farmhouse, a barn, several small

outbuildings, and single-family homes. The property is characterized by low, rolling relief

and slopes gently to the south and east. A small, unnamed tributary is present on site and

flows easterly towards Carroll Creek, located approximately 3,500 feet from the property


Groundwater beneath the property occurs in fractured limestone bedrock and flows to the

east. This portion of Frederick County is a groundwater use area, and nearly every

residence in the area has a domestic water supply well.

Site History

Prior to 1995 when the Krantz Family Partnership acquired the property, the property was

privately owned agricultural land. Detrick Overlook, LLC purchased the property from the

Krantz Family Partnership in July 2001. The property remained agricultural land during

these transactions.

Environmental Investigations and Actions

Environmental investigations performed in 1999 and 2001 were limited in scope but

included a soil gas survey. In 2002, two aboveground storage tanks, several 55-gallon

drums, automobile batteries, and numerous small containers were removed from the

farmhouse area.

Current Status

On February 25, 2002, Detrick Overlook, LLC submitted an application package to the

Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) seeking a No Further Requirements Determination

(NFRD) as a responsible person. The Department requested additional information and

further subsurface investigation in order to complete the application package.

A second application for the property was submitted on January 29, 2004, by RGHGAB at

Frederick, LLC to the VCP seeking a NFRD as an inculpable person. An inculpable person

status qualifying letter was issued to RGHGAB at Frederick, LLC on January 30, 2004. The

Department issued a NFRD for the property on September 3, 2004, conditioned on use of

the property for limited residential purposes with a prohibition on the use of groundwater

beneath the property for any purpose.

Waste Management Administration

Environmental Restoration & Redevelopment Program

ERRP Site Factsheet Page 2 of 2

Date: April 6, 2005

TTY Users: 800-201-7165

The property has been subdivided and the development plans include construction of multifamily

residential units, a day-care facility, a recreational center, and a commercial business



Jim Metz Maryland Department of the Environment

Voluntary Cleanup/Brownfields Division

(410) 537-3493

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