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FREDERICK, MD - At a Fort Detrick community meeting, a discussion on the controversial 'Area B' landfill project turned into a yelling match.

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The land known as 'Area B' at Fort Detrick in Frederick has been surrounded in controversy for some time now. Many local residents claim that contaminants in that area have caused a high number of cancer cases in the community. Monday evening, those residents confronted Fort Detrick officials and the...


Area B, still?
Originally published July 15, 2010

By ed

Randy White has a number of good reasons to be interested in whether there's any connection between living near Fort Detrick's Area B and developing cancer. For him it's personal.
The Florida pastor's two daughters and his ex-wife were all victims of the disease. One of his daughters died of a brain tumor at the age of 30, another daughter developed stomach tumors, and his ex-wife is currently battling renal cell carcinoma.
While the...


July 11, 2010 - 8:18am
by Megan Eckstein @ The Frederick News-Post

About 150 people gathered Saturday evening to learn more about cancer cases in Frederick and the possibility that a 1992 contamination problem at Fort Detrick's Area B is connected to the illnesses.


Former Frederick residents are gearing up for a town hall meeting Saturday to discuss the possibility that Fort Detrick caused three cases of cancer in their family.

Randy White is spearheading the event, the first in his Fighting for Frederick project, after one of his daughters died of a brain tumor two years ago at the age of 30. His other daughter had three stomach tumors removed, and his ex-wife was diagnosed with stage four renal cell carcinoma about three months ago.

"At that point...


Retired pastor presses Fort Detrick for answers

Thursday, June 24, 2010

by Katherine Heerbrandt | Staff Writer

A former Frederick resident and retired pastor of a megachurch in Florida is working to establish a link between cancer and waste generated decades ago by, and still buried at, Fort Detrick.

Randy White said his daughter, Kristen Hernandez White, who grew up in the Lake Coventry community near Fort Detrick, died at age 30 of brain cancer in April 2008.

He blames the cancer on...


Originally published June 22, 2010 at Frederick News Post

By Megan Eckstein

Fort Detrick held its first community meeting in about two years Monday night, briefing residents on its mission, its ongoing construction and recent achievements.


Here is a collection of news articles from the Baltimore Sun on the research of Ft. Detrick


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