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FREDERICK, Md. - An Army facility that has been conducting top secret research for decades wants to open up a bit and improve relations with its neighbors.

Residents who live nearby have made it clear they want to know what's going on at Fort Detrick.

"The less you know, the more you fear," says Frederick County Commissioner David P. Gray.

Now, Fort Detrick, the City of Frederick and Frederick County are forming a new advisory panel.



Originally published September 29, 2010, county and Fort Detrick representatives gathered Tuesday to kick off a new committee aimed at improving relations between the Army post and local residents.

Frederick Mayor Randy McClement proudly announced that the Frederick County Containment Laboratory Community Advisory Committee would immediately start accepting applications for membership.

The committee will relay...


Dave Thier Contributor

AOL News (Aug. 21) -- Two and a half years ago, Randy White's daughter Kristen was diagnosed with brain cancer. She went through chemo, radiation and three brain biopsies, but nothing worked. Just 30 years old, she died in his house, in his arms.

"She was never sick a day in her life" before the cancer, White told AOL News.

Just two...


Detrick likely exposed man to Agent Orange, VA says
Originally published August 07, 2010

By Megan Eckstein

Gary Abram receives compensation from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for his military service-connected exposure to Agent Orange, a defoliant used in Vietnam that has since been linked to numerous health problems.

But Abram never set foot in Vietnam.

He served at Fort Detrick, which, according to the VA, likely exposed him to Agent Orange.

Abram, 68, was drafted into the...


Originally published August 04, 2010

By Megan Eckstein 
Randy White, founder of the Kristen Renee Foundation, holds up copies of The Frederick News-Post citing coverage of Fort Detrick's Area B and local cases of cancer during a Fighting for Frederick press conference at Hotel W in downtown Washington Wednesday afternoon. 
Randy White and the Kristen Renee Foundation today pushed their fight with Fort...

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FREDERICK, Md. (WUSA) -- Hundreds of families say their loved ones are dying from cancer, and they blame contaminants coming from Fort Detrick.

"These chemicals were buried in the '50s and '60s. They did leak into the ground water. And we now know they have migrated downstream and have in fact gone off post," says Robert Craig, the...

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FREDERICK, Md. (WUSA) -- Agent Orange may be causing cancer in hundreds of people living near Fort Detrick. That's according to evidence uncovered by an organization representing those families.

Ft. Detrick has admitted that the Army tested Agent Orange on base. But it's been decades and officials say they don't have information about...


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