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By Sylvia Carignan News-Post Staff | Posted: Sunday, June 8, 2014 2:00 am

Fort Detrick is looking for a contractor to build a new hazardous material processing facility on post.

Hazardous materials like lab waste and motor oil are being held in a warehouse that was converted for use as a processing facility, according to Lanessa Hill, U.S. Army Garrison Public Affairs Specialist at Fort Detrick.

“The facility we have now is old,” she said.

Some of the hazardous materials come...


’09 groundwater pollution study at Ft. Detrick flawed

Posted: 7:20 pm Mon, March 5, 2012
By Associated Press

HAGERSTOWN — A 2009 federal study that concluded groundwater contamination from Fort Detrick was unlikely to have harmful health effects was flawed, a national scientific panel said Monday, prompting the state’s two U.S. senators to demand a faster cleanup of the Superfund site in Frederick.

The National Research Council committee said the study by the U.S. Department of...


Thursday, February 21, 2013  
Paul Gordon: Detrick area project approved despite water safety concerns

On Feb. 11, the Frederick Planning Commission approved a request for changes to the master plan for the Waverly View Planned Neighborhood.
The project, located north and south of Shookstown Road, calls for the construction of 730 houses on 90 acres near Fort Detrick, either contiguous or across from the infamous Area B.
In 2009, Area B was named a Super Fund site by the U.S...


Request for well drilling, groundwater testing has been ignored
Originally published February 13, 2013, Frederick News Post

The federal government wants access to a residential development site near Fort Detrick's Area B to drill wells and complete groundwater testing.
In a letter obtained by The Frederick News-Post on Tuesday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said that Rocky Gorge Development LLC has repeatedly ignored requests from the Army to gain access to monitor the 90-acre...


Originally published February 09, 2013, Frederick News Post

In Maryland, cancer is the second-highest cause of death, especially in Eastern Shore counties. State Sen. Anthony Muse, a Prince George's County Democrat, is again attempting to have the state investigate why.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four Marylanders die due to cancer each year, only slightly behind deaths from heart disease. More than 24,000 Marylanders are diagnosed with invasive cancer...


Thursday, March 17, 2011
Paul Gordon: Lawsuits may uncover long-buried facts about Fort Detrick
For years, Fort Detrick has had a public relations strategy. Anytime there are negative stories about the base, the public relations department has written articles about Fort Detrick and how its research has saved lives, as well as how it has been a good neighbor.

But during the past year, it has fought a losing battle, despite the efforts of it public relations. Those who question the good...


Thursday, March 10, 2011
Cancer victims, families file claims against Fort Detrick
Each seeking $50 million in damages
by Katherine Heerbrandt | Staff Writer

Forty-two people have submitted claims to Fort Detrick against the U.S. Army alleging that pollution on the base is responsible for giving them or their family member cancer.

Each is asking for $50 million in damages under the Federal Tort Claims Act.

The claims could be the first step to a class-action lawsuit in federal court...


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