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Comments from Online Survey as 061610:

Do you have any information you would like to share with us concerning Fort Detrick, water contamination, soil contamination, or toxic exposure?


1. Worries me that my friends and family are exposed to toxic exposure and they don't even know it! People have the right to know what is going into their bodies!

2. No,but have always thought there was a connection with people in the area with cancer. Would like to learn more about it. Thanks

3. My mom and our family lived on Military Road for years and out of 6 children my mom who didn't smoke, drink or do anything was the only one who had cancer. We lost her 3 years ago at the early age of 67. My step sister who lived 2 streets away was diagnosed with breast cancer and no one else in her family has had any cancer. I am convinced Detrick was/is very hazardous. Frederick County has one of the highest cancer rates in the nation with a large majority being 40 and younger.

4. I only know that when my father worked there in the 60's and 70's, when we asked what he did there we were told he could not tell us as it was secret.

5. Over the past several years I have seen huge black barrels up on the side of Shookstown Rd. Now they have brought in thousands of tons of soils to cover up "something". When driving up to my parents house it makes you think of the "X" files. When we had several feet of snow fall this year we noticed that all the snow was melted where they barrels use to be. There were snow mounds all around but absolutely no snow over a pretty large area of space.

6. I had no idea and will be passing along the website and information to my family.

7. A household member has died from brain cancer.

8. My father was treated for Lymphoma and my sister has been treated for leukemia.

9. Brain Cancer

10. In 2008, I was diagnosed with Hairy Cell Leukemia at the age of 44 and was treated with chemotherapy. I am still not completely recovered.

11. Brother, diagnosed with renal cancer at age 21 (2005). Treated at Hopkins and GW and in remission. Sister, diagnosed with thyroid cancer at age 32 (2009-2010). Currently being treated at Hopkins.

12. Grew up at Rosemont Avenue at corner of Baughman's Lane. My mother's family (Free) all lived on Rocky Springs Road except for 1 family in New Market.

13. I LIVED willow-dale area.

14. I was born and lived on Heather Ridge Ct. for 10 years as a child. Ft. Detrick property's fencing was lined along the end of my street.

15. Like Kristin, my olest daughter, Christy, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma at age 30 on 09/11/01! My first husband dies shortly after we moved here (of cancer) and my husband of 28 years has had cancer twice. I have always felt that there was an unusually high rate of cancer in and around Ft. Detrick. Shame on me for not stepping forward and launching a real investigation - you are Kristin's heroes!!!

16. My father worked on base.

17. I lived in Waverly Gardens in my elementary years and as an adult off of Indian Springs Road.

18. My whole family is based in or around Frederick

19. On Military Road facing the fence to Detrick.

20. I grew up on Prospect Blvd

21. My mother and four of her siblings had cancer. Five cousins died from cancer (three in their forties) and two currently have cancer.

22. Have friends that lives right behind ft detrick

23. My cousin, Kristin White, lost her battle to cancer a little over 2 years ago at the age of 30. She lived off of Shookstown Rd. for a number of years, and her mother, my Aunt, was just diagnosed with cancer 4 months ago. As well as this, Kristin's son's father, also a Frederick resident was diagnosed with cancer just 2 years prior to Kristin's diagnosis!

24. I know many, many who have suffered with cancer in the area. A scientific survey would be a good thing to do.

25. Passed away in October 2002 from leukemia

26. My mother was diagnosed with endocrine adenocarcinoma (stage 3 pancreatic cancer) in January 2007. she succumbed to the disease in November 2007 . her tumor was not was malignant.

27. I was diagnosed at age 30 - I had stage 1b Hodgkin's

My father died at the age of 32 of esophageal cancer

my maternal grandmother died 1 year after him at age 52 of an inoperable tumor in her skull My stepfather battled thyroid cancer starting at about 59-he's still living

28. My father and grandfather long ago both died of cancer,believed father lived near Frederick when younger had family there am sure of that,father died in 2001,66,his father died of leukemia/lymphoma,at age 52

29. My mom died of non Hodgkin's lymphoma at age 49...

My dad died of brain tumor at age 53

30. I lost my sister to cancer in Nov 2009. She fought it for 5 yrs. I lost my best friend To lung cancer 6 yrs ago she lived on Old Receiver Road about 5 miles from Ft Detrick. Our neighbor at the end of our road succumbed to cancer as well.

31. My husband died of Glioblastoma (primary brain cancer)almost 8 years ago now. A neighbor, male, the same age died a year prior of the same thing. Everyone in the community is on a well located about 3 miles from Area B. Our cat and dog both passed from brain tumors. I pray for my daughters.

32. I grew up in Hillcrest and have lived within 1 mile of Ft Detrick in the last 7 years.

33. I now live right across from Ft. Detrick but grew up on Shookstown Rd. A couple miles from Ft. Detrick.

34. Also worked at Fort Detrick in 1980-1984. In 1980-81 I worked in USAMRIID.

35. Near Baker Park on Lindbergh Avenue

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