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Just days after the launching of this website and the running of our ad in the newspaper, this article appears in the Frederick News Post.  Coincidence?  Maybe not...



USAMRIID implementing study recommendations
Originally published June 09, 2010

By Megan Eckstein
News-Post Staff

Army officials are making good on their promise to implement safety and security recommendations from the National Academy of Sciences.

Col. John Skvorak, commander of the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, briefed Fort Detrick and local leaders Monday night on a variety of changes that have been made or are in the works on post.

An academy panel reviewed USAMRIID's operating procedures and safety records, as well as the Environmental Impact Statement on its lab under construction at Detrick. The panel released its final report in March, which included findings and recommendations in four main categories: assessment of the EIS itself; operating procedures for the new lab; emergency management; and communication with the public.

Skvorak said the Institute has made several improvements to its operating procedures, even though the academy complimented its safety record.

"The first recommendation they make is my favorite one, continue to set the high standards for safety, security and biosurety," Skvorak said. "That had to be our goal all along, and it is ... I've said from day one as commander, the most important responsibility I have is the safety and security of the folks that work at USAMRIID."

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