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I just wanted to let you know that our press conference was a huge success!! We had over 10 news stations and reporters attend. The media is definitely on our side! Below are some of the points we brought up.

I want to remind you that tonight is the 2nd health department meeting with Dr. Brookmyer at 6:30pm at Winchester Hall 12 East Church Street Frederick, MD 21701 301-600-9000. It's very important for us to attend these meetings to share our questions and concerns.

I also want to let you know that we now have a MAJOR MOTION picture company who is in support of our story... the possibility of a documentary is very likely.

Lastly, since the army has refused our help in locating where Fort Detrick buried/burned stuff on and off post, we have organized a fence line tour to point out locations of concern and discuss past army practices on Area B with USEPA and MDE. This tour will start at 2pm Sept. 2nd at 5616 Shookstown Road.


Points from the Press Conference:

New information that has transpired over the last four weeks,

· KRF has now over 500 families who have responded with cancer believed to be related to Ft Detrick

· KRF has not only former employees but contractors that actually buried hazardous waste and reports of contamination and diseases as a result

· Former Detrick Employees that have come forward with shocking details

· KRF has had agreement to do a fence line tour with Ft Detrick and Frederick residents later this week

· KRF has confirmed that indeed there is a criminal investigation that has begun

· KRF has sent a FOIA request

· Residents have wells that have been tested by the army repeatedly with no results yet to be given to these residents

· KRF believes that Fort Detrick's culture of indifference, incompetence and concealment that caused the exposures at Area B continues into the present time in the Main Post

· The Foundation has obtained evidence of additional hazardous waste buried on the Main Post Area A and a malfunctioning treatment system for ultra-hazardous waste (the decon system).

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