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Drew Emma and Kristen Renee of the Kristen Renee FoundationMy name is Robert (Drew) Thomas. I lost my mom to brain cancer. I was 10yrs and she was 30yrs. Now almost 3 yrs later my grandma was diagnosed with kidney cancer and bone cancer. The death of my mom and pain of my grandma makes me feel depressed and stressed. I think I most likely will get cancer really easy. When I go to sleep I think about my grandma dying the next day or pop-pop getting cancer. I had to change schools after my mom died. Its hard. I have been bullied with words talking about my mom. I never see my sisters. Its hard and lonely when no one is around. It was cruel for fort detrick to put chemicals in the water. They took my mom and is taking my grandma. I wanted to punch things, throw chairs, or jump in front of a high speeding car. When my dad was going through his cancer he said the only reason he didn’t let himself go was “because of you and your sister”. I try not to think about all of it or talk about it because I wanted to seal myself away. Right now I think about my mama dying which is hard for me.  After my mom died she wanted my grandparents to be my new guardians. I have to go back to hospitals to visit my grandma and I don’t like it because it makes me feel like DEATH! I just found out my grandma is going to live with my mom in heaven. My family is passing away fast. I wish my family never lived near fort detrick. I hope one day they can apologize, help all the families they hurt, and stop putting chemicals in the water.
Drew - age 13

This is the letter as it appeared in the Frederick News Post:

This is Drew's letter as he wrote it from his own hand:

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