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108174Randy White is the father of Kristen Renee White (d. 2008) and founder of the Kristen Renee Foundation. The Kristen Renee Foundation is the organization that operates the "Fighting for Frederick" project. Randy is a full-time volunteer for the organization in his role as spokesperson, researcher, advisor, and contact liason.

Randy has put forward thousands of hours of his time, and thousands of dollars of his personal finances to advance the cause of the Kristen Renee Foundation. He does all this to honor the memory and wishes of his beloved daughter, Kristen Renee.

Thank you, Randy, for starting the vision and for doing whatever it takes to make the truth be known. You are a hero to Frederick and we honor you.

randy at meeting w col

Apart from his volunteer work, Randy White is also an author, spiritual leader, and philanthropist. You can learn more about him at his website

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